Eridge Railway Station

Eridge railway station in the county of East Sussex in England is located on the branch line from Uckfield. This line serves a fairly rural community as it winds its way through the county of East Sussex before sneaking into Kent and then joining the East Grinstead line at Oxted in Surrey.

Eridge Station Platform

The heritage platform side

The station is shared with the heritage railway service The SPA Valley Railway. So one half of the station is Southern Railway, with all the modern passenger information systems, although the facade is looking a bit rundown. The other half in a totally different era, with all the splendour of a time gone by when advertising boards were made of metal, and the stations had porters and station managers.

Eridge Station

Covered bridge across the line from platforms 1 and 2

The station was opened in August 1868 and was a junction for 3 other services, which all closed between 1965 to 1985. with the exception of the southern service, two of the old lines are now leisure paths for walkers and cyclist, with the SPA Valley being the only line left running heritage trains.

For further information check out the Wikipedia page here.

Eridge Station Platform

Cadbury’s Chocolates

Eridge Station Platform

The waiting room through the window

Eridge Station Platform

Travel posters

Eridge Station Platform

Waiting train

Eridge Station Platform

Wrights Coal Tar Soap

Eridge Station Platform

The SVR ticket office

The entrance and ticket office to the station leads you onto the covered bridge from the road, which is just off of the A26 from Crowborough to Tunbridge Wells.

Eridge Station Platform

Station entrance with Red Telephone Box

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