Royal Tunbridge Wells – sounds regal

I travelled to the town of Tunbridge Wells in the county of Kent UK, or to give it its full title Royal Tunbridge Wells, after King Edward VII granted the town its regal title in 1909, due to popularity with the royal family over the years.

The town has some very fine buildings dating back to the early 17th century when the discovery of the spring opened its Spa waters at the Chalybeate Spring, hence the name wells.

Chalybeate Spring

The Chalybeate Spring – Tunbridge Wells

The Chalybeate Spring is located in the area known as the Pantiles, with most of the architecture dating from the Georgian period around the 17th Century.

Tunbridge Wells

The Pantiles – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

The Pantiles Vintry – Tunbridge Wells

Although there is also a Red post box dating from Queen Victoria, as well as her coat of arms above the former Royal Victoria Hotel.

Tunbridge Wells

Red Post Box – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

Queen Victoria’s coat of arms – Tunbridge Wells

Calverley Park is like an oasis in the middle of a busy town. Located just off Mount Pleasent Road opposite the railway station and behind the BBC Radio studios.

Tunbridge Wells

Calverley Park – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

Memorial in Calverley Park – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

Bench in Calverley Park – Tunbridge Wells

I couldn’t leave without taking a few images of doors, something I tend to do.

Tunbridge Wells

Door knocker on a green door

Tunbridge Wells

Double door – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

Black door – Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells

Green door – Tunbridge Wells

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