Red matching top

This was a planned trip to London to explore the city and capture some architecture, leaving home the sky looked quite promising with some light cloud. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas, on arrival the sky was dull grey and overcast, with no moving clouds, and pretty uninteresting. I am not a fan of flat dull sky, although great for macro photography, not great for the pictures that I had planned.

Posing for a photo by a red telephone box.

I stopped for a think near St Paul’s, I noticed this couple who obviously had a plan to take a photograph next to a phone box with the girl wearing a matching colour top. I took several images whilst sitting on a nearby wall, with this one I felt being the best of the bunch.

The rest of the day I just couldn’t seem to get any inspiration, as I tried all of the usual areas that I know in and around the city. Maybe I should have gone over to Borough Market as that is a great area for candid people shots, but by the time I thought about it,​ it was time to travel home, oh well that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Equipment Used:

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