A walk from Seaford to Cuckmere Haven

I had planned to do this walk for some time so packed the camera bag and set off, however when I arrived it was just starting to rain only light to start with, but was getting heavier and heavier, so I abandoned and planned to return when it was a better day, that day arrived so I set off again.

The good thing about driving to Seaford is that parking along the seafront is free, yes free in this day and age, would you believe it. I parked at the far end nearest the cliffs and ascended the hill by the golf course. The view was spectacular looking back towards the town with Newhaven harbour in the distance.

Photo Walk 22 May 2017

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 1/100sec ISO200

The higher I climbed the better the view along the coastline.

Photo Walk 22 May 2017

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 1/125sec ISO 200

And better!

Photo Walk 22 May 2017

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 1/80sec ISO 200

The walk is a distance of about 3 miles each way and although it is very steep in places, it has some spectacular sea views, especially as you descend into Cuckmere Haven.

The seven sisters

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 1/400sec ISO 200

Passing Hope Cove I walked down the concrete steps onto the beach finding that the tide was out, and some of the rocks very slippery. The image below is looking towards Birling Gap and the chalk Cliffs of the Seven Sisters.

Cuckmere Haven

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 1/400sec ISO 200

Leaving Hope Cove the path rises again and follows the top of the chalk cliffs when the path had levelled again I spotted this couple taking what I presumed were wedding photos. I have witnessed this before when on holiday on the Greek island of Santorini.

Photo Walk 22 May 2017

Olympus EM-1 75-300mm II @187mm @F8 1/640sec ISO 200

On this occasion the gentlemen obviously didn’t fancy wearing his wedding suit, opting for a more casual affair, while his partner had gone overboard.

The next stop before descending onto the beach at Cuckmere Haven is the familiar coastguards cottages, I say familiar as they feature on the Ordnance Survey map for the location, but have been captured by many photographers.

Photo Walk 22 May 2017

Olympus EM-1 25mm @F11 1/80sec ISO 200

You can at this point turn left and follow the course of the river Cuckmere inland toward the village of Alfriston, a popular place on the  South Downs Way footpath, however that will be another day as I turned around and headed back to the car.

Equipment Used:

This is a map of the location of the walk.

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