A Walk to the Chattri

The Chattri is a First World War Memorial, built on the site where a number of Indian soldiers, who fought for the British Empire had been cremated. For more information and its location check the Wikipedia entry on the Chattri.

The only way to get to the Chattri is by a bridleway either from the south or the north of the downs, I approached it from the north walking up from Underhill Lane near Clayton village. It’s a fairly steep path onto the downs rising about 150 metres. This was just going to be a single visit, however when I arrived the light was pretty flat and overcast. I was hoping to see a fairly moody sky as the forecast mentioned rain, but it was not to be, just cold and blustery weather (nothing new there being so elevated).

I took a few images but I didn’t capture anything outstanding, so I packed up with a view to returning the next day. I did note in all of the images that I took that day when examined in Lightroom were the nasty gremlins known as dust spots, something that I have had trouble with the A7R almost from day one.

Chattri, Brighton

Sony A7R 28-70mm @28mm f16 1/25s ISO 100

The following day’s forecast was correct and it was a much brighter sunny day, ideal for a stroll across the downs. So I cleaned the A7R’s sensor and took the only two lenses that I own for the camera, the 28-70mm and the 35mm. Although I had planned to just use the 28-70mm, as swapping the lens on the camera can introduce more dust spots on the sensor, I still took the 35mm just in case I had a problem. On arrival at the location, there was already a couple capturing images with a smartphone, so I patiently waited until they had left before I got the camera out of the bag.

I was mostly satisfied with what I could capture with the 28-70mm on the wide end, but I must admit I really could do with something a bit wider. I could have also had a clearer sky instead of the thin and wispy cirrus that I got, although that didn’t last as it did eventually cloud over as seen in the last image.

Chattri, Brighton

Sony A7R 28-70mm @28mm f16 1/40s ISO 100

Chattri, Brighton

Sony A7R 28-70mm @28mm f16 1/50s ISO 100

Chattri, Brighton

Sony A7R 28-70mm @28mm f16 1/25s ISO 100

All images shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom CC Camera Landscape Profile. I think that this location has more to explore photographically especially during sunset or sunrise or more severe weather.

Equipment used:

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