Along the coast from Shoreham to Brighton

The majority of the images you will see in this post will be long exposures using the Olympus Live Bulb feature, with a combination of Lee Filters Seven5 Neutral Density (Big and Little Stopper), sometimes with a Polariser and or Graduated filter.

The start of this walk involves public transport by train, so a change at Brighton boarding an ageing diesel train on the line out to Worthing. So the plan was to get off at Shoreham and walk around Shoreham harbour, well that failed as I turned the wrong way and ended up on the wrong side of the water. I couldn’t be bothered to walk the mile or so back to start again so carried on, maybe that will have to wait for another day.

The path takes you across the harbour to a sluice gate, arriving at the beach I found that the wind was certainly turning the blades of the wind turbines.

Wind turbines

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 4.0 sec ISO 200

Turning around 180º looking east up the coast towards Hove, you will see another form of electricity generator in the shape of Shoreham power station, probably not quite as green as the wind turbines.

Power station

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 8.3 sec ISO 200

Following the path past the wind turbines, I headed to the breakwater at the entrance of Shoreham Harbour. I originally wanted to start on the other side of the harbour entrance, but as already stated I turned left instead of right on the main coast road 😞.

Shoreham breakwater

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 17.0 sec ISO 100

This is as far as the path goes west without a little swim, so turning around and heading east takes you through an industrial park. This is not the prettiest area but I suppose the companies use the facilities of the harbour for the import and export of goods. After walking for about 3 kilometres I arrived at the start of the promenade that continues all the way to Brighton, and it is here that I was watching people water skiing without the aid of a boat. They were being pulled along on an overhead wire, not really sure how it works but it certainly looked good fun.

Here is a short video clip captured on my phone, I could have used the EM-1 but it was in the bag and the phone was to hand (sorry about the wind noise).

The phone came in handy again to capture one of the many seaside shelters that are along the promenade. They have started to renovate them as they were looking a bit sad and run down, but a fresh coat of paint and the windows replaced they now look quite inviting. Although I expect Brighton’s homeless community will still use them for sleeping in, and who can blame them. The renovation of the seafront is a big project not just a lick of paint, I expect this will help with bringing more visitors to the city.

Seaside shelter

Lumia 930 4.46mm @F2.4 1/2100 sec ISO 64

The next stop along the way is a small jetty at Hove, I have photographed this scene many times but still haven’t got the results I want. I think I need either a very dramatic or a very blue sky, so I will try and try again.


Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 12 sec ISO 100

The problem with this jetty is the surface is very slippery and the further you walk along it the worse it gets. Also, the beach is further up on one side so you get the distraction of the pebbles to the right. Like I say one day I may be able to get further along on the day with the nicest sky.

The final image and one of the most photographed parts of Brighton Beach is the old West Pier. Not looking at it’s best now since the fire and the many storms that are slowly breaking it up, but I still think it looks great as a silhouette against a grey sky.

West Pier Brighton, UK

Olympus EM-1 17mm @F11 8.3 sec ISO 10

That’s it for the day, just a short walk back to Hove station and then home.

Equipment Used:

This is a map of the location of the walk.

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