Sussex by the sea

Here in the UK, we have been having a mini heatwave, well temperatures in the upper 20’s for a few days. So I thought it would be a good time to visit my nearest city Brighton, on the Sussex coast and have a wander along the seafront.

The first place I like to visit when I go to Brighton is the West Pier, it is now slowly crumbling into the sea, after every storm you see another section missing.

West Pier Brighton UK

Brighton is undergoing a lot of renovation projects at the moment along the seafront, this one is to rebuild Shelter Hall.

Building work at Shelter Hall

Just outside the entrance to Palace Pier, renamed Brighton Pier, the police presence was obvious, I cannot recall having seen armed officers patrolling the city, unless there has been a political party having a conference at the Brighton centre.

Armed Police in Brighton

Obviously, a worrying sign of the terrorist threat that we are now living with, still better to be safe than sorry.

It doesn’t appear to have stopped people enjoying themselves though, and a walk along the pier confirmed that people were relaxed and enjoying the sun.

Relaxing in a deck chair

Even the gulls were having a break from chasing the tourists for any scraps of food that they can steal.

A gull having a break

Although these ladies were playing it safe and choosing ice cream, just watch your chocolate flake.

Oh just the one, please

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the pier, I walked along Madiera Drive, where there is a campaign to save the arches, know as Madeira Terrace that runs along the side of the road.

Madeira Terrace

Now mostly fenced off and supported by steel girders, I would guess it will require a lot of money to restore it.

Another one of the successful restoration projects along the seafront is the Volk’s Electric Railway, an electric narrow gauge train that runs from near the Aquarium to Black Rock and back again, a round trip of about a 2 kilometres.

Volk’s Electric Railway

From here I ascended the now only open set of steps up onto Marine Parade took a look back onto the beach and the pier before crossing the road into Kemptown and then home.

The Volk’s Train station on the beach

That was it for the day, I took along with me just one camera and one lens.

P.S. you could tell it was hot as the hats were out.

The hats are out it must be hot.

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