The journey begins

Well here goes my very first blog post, the reasons why I started this and what I plan to do with it.

I have been meaning to start this blog for some time now, in fact, it was a New Year’s resolution but I kept putting it off until now. I have been a photography enthusiast since I can remember, borrowing the family camera for a school trip or holiday, until finally investing my hard earned money in purchasing my first SLR camera a Zenith EM. My second camera was much better, an Olympus OM-10, and I still fondly remember it, very compact especially with the only lens I owned, a 50mm Zuiko F1.8. So this blog will be my thoughts and actions while wandering ‘through life with a camera’.

In my 35mm film days, I got sold on the idea of auto focus, so I bought into Nikon SLR’s, although for travel I later added a Contax G2 as I needed to lose some weight and size (equipment that is!), I loved that camera and I still regret selling it. When it was time to move towards a digital camera my first purchase was a small Nikon E2100 point and shoot, but I quickly got bored with it (jpeg only) so this was replaced by a camera from one of my favourite manufacturers, the Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom was added to my bag.

Moving on and many cameras later (I had GAS very bad GAS) I purchased the Olympus E510 and then the E3, followed a few years later by the EM-5 and finally the EM1. However, I have never been able to cure myself of this addiction, especially with compact system cameras. I don’t know why maybe I have some sort of magpie affliction and just like the bright shiny objects, hence the reason for the Sony A7R purchase. I was sure that I needed a full frame CSC, however, the jury is still out on that as there are other factors to take on board, and a full frame has its pros and cons, just like the micro four thirds and the APS-C sensor cameras. I must admit I have also dabbled in the Fujifilm X-Series cameras, as I was trying to see if the APS-C format had some advantages over the micro four thirds sensor. But have since sold all the kit as I found that Lightroom didn’t play well with the RAW files and I didn’t want to move away from Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Anyway where to go from here, well this will not be a review site although I may give my opinions on camera equipment I use or have used. It will not be a tutorial site, although I may write about my experience with photography. It will though feature my images from many subjects including Street, Travel, Landscapes and Nature. So this blog will be my thoughts and actions while wandering ‘through life with a camera’, to put that in basic terms – the life around us, in the city, country, home or away.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much with my random meanderings and hope I can bring something of interest to you.



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