A day out in the capital London

I do enjoy a day out with the camera, so a trip to the capital city was the plan, with a view to walking along the northern bank of the river Thames towards the Palace of Westminster, better known as the houses of parliament. From there crossing Westminster bridge and walking along the Southbank to the Millennium Bridge, back over the river to St Pauls and then down to Tower bridge and finally back to Blackfriars. That should take up most of the day allowing for a few stops for photos.

The journey started with a train ride to Blackfriars station, on arrival I decided to have a bite to eat saving some space in my bag for my jacket, that I certainly didn’t need. It wasn’t a gourmet feast just a roll and a packet of crisps followed by a couple of wine gums.

The walk down to Westminster was fairly quick, the reason being that I drunk too much water on the train up and was desperate for the toilet. I would have used the toilets at Blackfriars, but it was just my luck that they were out of order, so I had to wait until reaching Waterloo (oh how appropriate). At least they didn’t charge unlike at Blackfriars where they charge you 30 pence, the problem is I can remember when it was a penny, hence the saying “spend a penny”.

Just after Waterloo station, I saw Princess Anne being driven in a car that was escorted by several Police outriders and two other vehicles, she was probably only going down to the supermarket 😉.

I crossed the river via Westminster bridge hoping to capture a long exposure shot of the Parliament buildings, only to find they had the builders in with lots of scaffolding up. I do now recall a news article about the work required on the crumbling building, so I just took a quick shot with the camera phone instead.

The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster Lumia 930 4.46mm @F2.4 1/1200 sec ISO 64

Leaving Westminster bridge I headed towards the Southbank taking in the London Eye, the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank and the National Theatre.

The London Eye

Olympus E-M1 12mm @F9 1/500 sec ISO 200

Royal National Theatre

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F9 1/60 sec ISO 200

I kept walking along the south side of the river towards the Tate Modern, the tide was out so the sandy beach was accessible. Two lovers had made their mark in the sand, only for it to be washed away at the next high tide.


Olympus E-M1 17mm @F9 1/320 sec ISO 200

Just behind the Tate Modern, I saw some tall glass buildings that looked interesting so I took a few images looking up towards the sky.

Glass buildings

Olympus E-M1 12mm @F9 1/640 sec ISO 200

From here it was back across the Thames on the Millennium Bridge, I thought It would be interesting to take a few long exposure shots of the many tourists on it, unfortunately the point at which I set up my tripod was very busy so I couldn’t quite get the centre of the bridge, maybe next time when it isn’t so busy.

Long exposure on the Millenium Bridge

Olympus E-M1 12mm F9.0 9.1 sec ISO 200 Lee Filters 0.6 ND Grad SE + Big Stopper

Long exposure on the Millenium Bridge

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F9.0 0.5 sec ISO 200 Lee Filers 0.6 ND Grad SE + Little Stopper

Heading towards St Pauls I wanted to try and capture the reflections of the dome in the mirror surface of a glass building, luckily I found a new shopping centre that fitted the bill, however, I overheard a security guard on his radio asking if he should stop me, he didn’t, but I bet he would have if I had used the tripod.

St Pauls and reflections

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F9.0 1/125 sec ISO 200 Lee Filters Polariser

From here it was back to the river which I followed all the way towards Tower Bridge, taking a small diversion around the back of the Tower of London, before crossing the river once again and for the last time.

The Shard from Tower Bridge

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F9.0 1/400 sec ISO 200

From Tower Bridge I turned left towards Butlers Warf, and walked a short distance before turning around just before reaching the walkway into Bermondsey. Again following the river passing City Hall and across More London through Hayes Galleria and onwards towards Borough Market.

Smell Me

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F5.6 1/13 sec ISO 200

A quick tour around the many stalls and hot food traders, before joining the path along the river back to Blackfriars station. It was just past the Clink Prison museum I saw this excellent graffiti painting of the bard William Shakespeare, quite fitting as the Globe Theatre is just around the corner.

William Shakespeare

Olympus E-M1 17mm @F5.6 1/40 sec ISO 200

Last couple of shots of the Millenium bridge one taken from underneath it, for a different perspective, before catching the next train home from Blackfriars.

Looking towards St Pauls

Olympus E-M1 17mm F9.0 1/500 sec ISO 200


Underneath the Millenium Bridge

Olympus E-M1 17mm @ F9.0 1/100 sec ISO 200

Equipment Used:

This is a map of the location of the walk, distance 8.5 miles.

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