A Walk to the Chattri

The Chattri is a First World War Memorial, built on the site where a number of Indian soldiers, who fought for the British Empire had been cremated. For more information and it’s location check the Wikipedia entry on the Chattri.

The only way to get to the Chattri is by a bridleway either from the south or the north of the downs, I approached it from the north walking up from Underhill Lane near Clayton village. It’s a fairly steep path onto the downs rising about 150 metres. This was just going to be a single visit, however when I arrived the first day the light was pretty flat and overcast. I was hoping to see a fairly moody sky as the forecast mentioned rain, but it was not to be, just cold and blustery weather (nothing new there being so elevated). Continue reading


What’s in my bag

dsc06637I am a big fan of these type of posts as I am interested in the technology, as well as the art of photography. So this is what is currently in my bag (that should be virtual bag, as I don’t have one large enough for all my gear).

My cameras of choice are the Fujifilm X series, the Sony A7R and the RX100 II. The Fujifilm X series cameras are like using one of my old manual 35mm film cameras, with their manual dials and aperture settings, the Sony’s are completely different and are more like using a computer. Although I have chosen both manufacturers for different reasons, ultimately I chose them both for their image quality and portability. Continue reading